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Pylon (architecture)

A pylon is a monumental gate of an Egyptian temple. The word comes from the Greek term 'gate'. It consists of two pyramidal towers, each tapered and surmounted by a cornice, joined by a less elevated section enclosing the entrance between them. The gate was generally about half the height of the towers. Contemporary paintings of pylons show them with long poles flying banners.

Pylon, (Greek: “gateway”), in modern construction, is any tower that gives support, such as the steel towers between which electrical wires are strung, the piers of a bridge, or the columns from which girders are hung in certain types of structural work. Originally, pylons were monumental gateways or tower-like structures. Ancient pylons were most often massive stone structures that flanked the doors to temples. The Egyptians frequently used them, usually in the form of foreshortened pyramids to mark the entrances of tombs. Pylons were decorated with carvings, moldings, and cornices. The Pont Alexandre III in Paris features pylons in the form of decorative quadrangle pillars. The word may also refer to any isolated tower, especially serving monumental


The Shen-Ring

The shen-ring is represented as a double strand of rope, the ends of which are folded in such a way that a closed ring is formed with a knot on the underside. The shen-ring appears as a hieroglyph, a protective sign on stelae or in tombs, and an amulet. It was used as a magical aid; during the 3rd and 4th Dynasties, it was worn around the neck for protection. Because the circle had no end, the shen-ring was regarded as the symbol of infinity, and when it encircled the sun, as the symbol of the eternity of the universe.  e notion of encirclement then led to an expansion in meaning - protection - added to that of infinity. The shen-ring was particularly associated with Horus the falcon and Nekhbet the vulture, who held the circle above the king to offer him eternal protection.

Royal names were written in an elongated version of the shen-ring, the cartouche.

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